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We Heart Effie’s Heart

Our first spring shipment of Effie’s Heart came in just in time for Valentine’s Day! Effie’s Heart is traditionally a blend of flattering old school silhouettes in a modern print & fabric, and this season of beautiful styles is no different.

Cupid Print Jackie

Jackie Dress in Cupid Print, $96

Break fashion rules(not hearts!) in this cupid print dress with matching heart sunglasses.

Napoli Dress Harbor Print

Napoli Dress in Harbor Print, $96

From afar this print looks like an abstract brushstroke, but up close it reveals a gorgeous portrait of boats in a harbor.

Rachel Dress in Perennial Print

Rachel Dress in Perennial Print, $96

This graphic floral in a palette of black and white keeps it from being too sweet. The breathable cotton fabric makes for a perfect dress to visit the North Carolina Arboretum. 

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