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Summer swoons for Effie’s Heart

Our top selling designer, Effie’s Heart, is flying out the door! Here are a few styles we still have in store to brighten up your summer.


Effie’s Heart $96

Yellow Seahorses are such a fun contrast on a sea-foam green dress.


Effie’s Heart $96

A retro inspired silhouette gets a fresh update with this pottery print motif.


Effie’s Heart $96

These swirly snow cones are such a fun graphic for summer.


Effie’s Heart $96

Love music? These sheet music print dresses are perfect for most any woman in your life!


Effie’s Heart $96

We can’t wait to wear this red, white, and blue piece for 4th of July this year!


Effie’s Heart $96

This hemline looks so pretty when it’s floating in the breeze on a walk at the beach.

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