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Mad for the 1960’s

Asheville Advertising Photography

Max wears an original 1960’s sharkskin suit from The Man Store downtown Asheville (see historical photos below).   Slim, notched lapels on the 3-button blazer accentuated by the crisply starched white shirt with french cuffs is characteristic of the classic 60’s man.  This suit is single-vented (one slit in the back), classically American, distinguishing it from English or Italian styles of the time.  His tie, slim, straight and bold adds creative texture and the tie pin that suggests he is a thoughtful, detail oriented man.

Asheville Fashion Photographer

Sarah dons a mod-style dress, black with moss green dots by Sugarhill Boutique from the UK.  A slight gather at the waist, the tease of the rising hemline along with the revealing slit above suggests a woman who knows how to use her assets to her advantage.

Asheville Fashion Photographer

This Heartbreaker dress in one of our favorite cuts, the Beverly, paired with the pearls this is a more traditional style typical of the 1950’s and early 60’s.  Made in California, this flattering dress accentuates her neckline and hugs her curves.  The dramatic flare of the skirt begs to be asked to dance.

Asheville Fashion Photography

This dress, also from Sugarhill Boutique (UK), harkens the later 60’s with its revealing bodice and almost mini-skirt.  Bold pin-stripe stockings give a mod twist to the t-strap burgundy heels (from B.A.I.T.) made popular in the 1920’s.

Photos:  Morgan Ford Photography,  Models:  Sarah Merrill & Max DiNatale,  Hair: Amy Day Dougherty,  Makeup: Nicole Franklin,  Location: Renaissance Hotel, downtown Asheville

to see more join us at the Product of the 60’s Fashion Show put on by the Asheville Affiliates on Feb. 28th, 7pm – 10pm at the Renaissance Hotel

The Man Store downtown 1940w

The Man Store in the 1940’s (top photo on the left side of the street) and 1960’s where the suit Max is modeling originally came from.


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