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love for effie’s heart

Harvest Tote, $38

You may or may not be a tri-ped, but your thorough support of the co-dependent cafe racer beams with your beautiful canvas tote. Designed with love by Kimo who combines a yearning for yesteryear with her lust for easy living and secret pockets.

Rosita Cloche, $36

Jazz Age dames donned special ribbons on their cloches to indicate if they were batting lashes & flirty, strictly committed or taken but naughty & ready to play. Who will you be today?

2 darling prints in the Dolce Vita dress, $78

Dolce Vita, or the sweet life – a timeless dress or perhaps incredibly timely, echoing Fellini’s fertile, fierce and urbane depiction of society.

Let the others swoon, you’re a woman who lives her dreams.

The artistic fashionista & designer herself.

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