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Local Love

Hello to our customers near and far!

As the summer months come to a close, we want to acknowledge how much we appreciate the support from each and every one of you. It was a treat to see all your smiling faces and to connect with you all again. Yes, the mask mandate in Buncombe County is currently reinstated, but with your support, understanding, and kindness, we know it won’t be long before we are all safe again to take off the masks.

Partnering with the incredible local talent Asheville has to offer and showcasing their work is such a joy, and we’d like to take a moment to highlight the local artists we currently carry!

Holden Mesk

Holden is the wonderful artist who creates the lyrical prints we adorn our walls with. He is an Asheville local, living in the area for around 16 years. He recently did a collaboration with Pabst Blue Ribbon, after winning second place in their 2020 art can contest!

Stop by to see what prints we have in, and check him out online.


Amber Hatchett

Each stunnning necklace Amber creates is a one of a kind piece. She uses vintage and repurposed materials for all of her creations. Amber will also adjust the length of the necklace chain for any necklace you’d like! Snag these beauties before they are all gone!


Scrap Monkey (Mark Schieferstein)

‘Mark is a devoted minimalist and his modern taste are reflected in everything that he creates. He combs through scrap yards for both raw material and aspiration. These discarded objects are then redesigned, welded or assembled into elegant adornment for your body.’

Check him out.


Iva Luna (Olesya Harris)

Iva Luna hand etches out of brass each pair of gorgeous earrings we carry. She uses sterling silver for the ear wire for those with metal sensitivities.

See more of her intricate designs here.


Ashcraft Glass (Jenna Ashcraft)

Jenna Ashcraft uses the process of flameworking/torchworking to create her unique, wearable glass art. We also carry her durable glass straws!

From the artist on the making of her work:

“I use a type of glass called Borosilicate, which is often referred to as “hard glass.” It is a durable material that allows me to create varying sizes of work that remain lightweight and wearable. Borosilicate, also known as Pyrex, has a high melting point, and is resistant to thermal shock. It is the choice glass used for cookware, scientific purposes, pipes, and sick heady jewelry.”

Find more from Ashcraft.


Kindred Arts Co. (Dakota Lehman)

An Asheville native currently based in Wilmington, NC, Dakota uses a mix of bamboo and cotton threads to crochet the darling earrings she hand-crafts. We love the light-weight feel and fun color combinations she chooses. A bright and unique addition to your jewelry collection!

More by Kindred Arts


Alien Menace (Frankie Myers)

Frankie salvages old inner tubes from the landfill and creates sustainable, up-cycled fashion accessories! We love her durable wallets with your favorite comics and cartoons featured on the inner lining. You can also find her up-cycled bowties in our shop!

Alien Menace products can be ordered through her website.


Grift Town Goods (Casey Vandergrift)

Casey is an environmentally conscious local artist who designs and screen prints her art onto the awesome shirts we carry. Her creations are great for all ages, and the shirts themselves are sustainable made and super cozy!

From her site:

"Unlike the branded t-shirts in department stores, Casey hand prints t-shirts and posters to talk about the environmental and social issues of our time. As serious as these topics can be, Casey depicts them with a non-threatening innocence making them easy to look at and to talk about. All of her t-shirts are responsibly sourced from sustainable companies that pay their workers a living wage. Some of the inks used are soy-based, meaning the production is more sustainable than the other petroleum based pigments."

Read more about her process here.


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