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Lexington Avenue Parklet

Thanks to the great minds behind OPEN Asheville, Lexington Avenue may have their first parklet! A parklet is a sidewalk extension which serves as a catalyst for engaging public interaction and ownership of the public realm. If all goes as planned the first phase of construction will be completed by the first weekend in September in time for the Lexington Avenue Arts and Fun Festival!

Our parklet will serve as a community gathering place that alleviates pedestrian sidewalk traffic. It provides a place to recreate

while waiting to be seated nearby restaurants or just a place to enjoy the sights and sounds of Asheville’s downtown activities. “Parklets add another layer of human interaction and vitality to the community commons,” points out Meka Bunch. The Lexington Parklet will, in turn, support positive cultural tourism and add a much needed resting place from our bustling “Main Street”.

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