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Kennington for Fall

There’s a reason why Kennington is one of our favorite brands we carry. Their retro inspired prints have always been top notch, but this season they’ve started using a lot of quality pima cotton and have changed the fit of their button ups. We think our guys will love the quality and wider fit!


Kennington $58

We love this one with a burgundy skinny tie.


Kennington $58

These subtle orange mushrooms remind us of a Mario game!


Kennington $58

Like to stand out? This horse print is unlike any guy’s shirt we’ve ever seen before.


Kennington $58

This Ikat print shows that you can look dressed up without looking like you’ve tried too hard.


Kennington $64

We’re obsessed with this gray corduroy flannel that goes with everything.


Kennington $64

This orange paisley long sleeve looks like something straight out of the late 1960’s!


Kennington $64

From far away this one looks like a navy & white polka dot shirt. Up close? Badass skulls 🙂


Kennington $64

This print comes in a short sleeve version too, so you can wear it year round!

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