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Fall at the Lake

The fog is setting in, the leaves are blushing and slowly letting go.  The Veronica Sweater ($72) from Effie’s Heart also comes in a sunset-kissed yellow, perfect for layering for the chilly morning.  Necklace ($64) with a bold and beautiful lion by local artist Amber Hatchett Designs.

The lightweight Sophia Tunic, ($58 sold out) by Pink Martini, boasts a print that conjures exotic lands, the aroma of spice markets and the sounds of woodwinds from a land far away.  Perfect for breaking out the cozy leggings and earthy boots.

One of our favorite fall dresses, the Lettie Lace by Ixia ($60) also comes in black for the perfect LBD.  Soft and simple, it will pair perfect with a light jacket and lightweight scarf in your hair or around your neck.

Goodbye summer, take the rains with you!  Be sure to check out the last of our vintage inspired swimsuit collection all at 25% off till they last.  Featuring styles by Pinup Couture, Girl Howdy, Esther Williams & O’Fabz.

Special thanks to Morgan Ford Photography, Kimberly Serena Edwards for modeling and to The Scene for publishing this shoot.


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