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Edith Head.

Today’s Google Doodle celebrates the 116th birthday of Edith Head, and we couldn’t let the lauding of such a fashion icon go un-noted (Particularly as our favorite window mannequin, Miss Light-Bulb Head, claims to be one of her distant relatives.)

If you haven’t heard the name Edith Head before, it’s still a good bet that you know some of her work already – The woman won EIGHT Oscars for costume design, so if you’ve seen any Hitchcock movies (“Vertigo”, or “The Birds” maybe) or some real classics like “Sunset Boulevard” or “All About Eve”, then you’ve seen Edith Head’s clothes.

Or you could go by Orbit DVD or Rosebud Video and rent “Columbo: Requim for a Falling Star” which Miss Head makes a cameo in, along with a few of her Academy Awards.  It’s a pretty good episode too.

In honor of Miss Head we suggest wearing something truly fabulous today.

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